Injection Magic

Injection Magic 1.1

Create full/partial MAT poses (define material details) (See all)

Injection Magic was designed to help custom character designers to create just about any type of pose file imaginable.
With Injection Magic you can create a one click character setup that includes morph injection, dial-setting, pose, materials, scaling, tapering, trans etc.!
...and it includes the BODY in all the poses!
- Create injection morph resource files (for custom morphs)
- Create morph injection script for proprietary or custom morphs
- Create morph injection script to inject custom morphs into figures that don't normally support morph injection by injecting the morph into existing morph channels and replacing them (works for any figure that has morphs)
- Create full/partial figure poses
- Create full/partial scaling poses (ideal for fit-to type poses)
- Create full/partial MAT poses (define material details)
- Create full/partial translate poses
- Optionally lock translate settings so that they cannot be reset when a figure pose is applied
- Optionally turn off inverse kinematics
- Optionally create a remove pose to remove/reset all the morphs and settings
- Create your own redistributable definition files so other people can create injection morphs for your models
- Create blank morph channels in any figure to make it accept morph injections

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